It has been a month since the third edition of the Festival and the amazing memories and feedback from all our attendees and companies still remain.

This year’s festival goal was far beyond any other. We wanted to surpass anything we’ve done so far and give you the best experience ever.

We planned, talked, brainstormed, and asked the entire community what would you like to experience during the festival. We even documented the process.

There were a lot of great moments during the festival but let’s go through the best 5.


1. Embracing Tech during the festival

We partnered up with our friends at Beamian and created the check-in using beacons. All the attendees’ badges had a sticker on the back with a beacon that contained all of your info. When a company was interested in you, all you had to do was swipe the sticker on their Beamer and they’d get your info and cv. This way, everything was faster and you had more time to really enjoy the event.

Organisation of the badges at the Festival.

Each badge had a sticker on the back. It was a beacon with all the attendees information.


We also had amazing talks! One of the most anticipated ones was a fireside chat between our own co-Founder, Pedro Oliveira, and Joel Gascoigne, Buffer’s CEO and co-Founder.

During the talk, you had the opportunity to hear not only how their fully-remote team is organised but also about the communications method they’re implementing. They’re getting rid of all calls and setting up a new way of asynchronous communication with the entire team. We’re super curious to know the results!

Joel Gascoigne, Buffer's CEO talked to co-Founder Pedro Oliveira about their team and organisation.


After that, you could head to one of our VR rooms and try out the jobs of the future. You could work as a Gourmet Chef, Office Worker, Automotive Mechanic or more! You had the freedom to pick up objects, move them to different places and really engage with everything around you.

Just because we were the organising team, doesn’t mean we couldn’t have fun as well. Of course, we had to try it! To make sure it was functioning well, you know.

I had a lot of fun playing make believe in a realistic scenery. I even jumped when I ‘dropped’ the wrench on my feet. I’m very excited to see where VR will take us

–  Leonor, Marketplace Manager – Portugal

We had VR rooms where you could try a job from the future.


If you like games (who doesn’t), you could also go to the Gaming RoomMagicShot was awesome and helped us pack the rooms with a huge variety of games for you to relax and enjoy.

We had a room full of games organised by Magic Shot.


2. More than posters on the walls

We approached our longtime partners at Physis Studio with an idea to create a set of 12 infographic posters. Its themes went from major technology trends to personality traits, hard skills vs soft skills to working remotely.

The results were amazing. It was such a huge success that we decided to keep using them on future content. If you didn’t have the opportunity to go to the event and see them for yourself, you’ll have it soon. Stick with us!

One of the posters was about the pros & cons of remote working.


3. Teaching moments

At, we make it our goal to not only help you land a job but also teach you how to do it in the best possible way. We wanted to use those same values during the festival and give you a range of tools you could take home and use.

We presented two teaching moments: expert sessions and workshops.

Pedro Oliveira, co-Founder was one of the twelve experts having 1 on 1 and group sessions with attendees. Pedro had a clear goal: use his experience to help people who were having trouble landing a job.

There was one guy who came all the way from Brazil. He has the goal of moving to Portugal in the hopes of bringing more safety to his family. I really wanted to help him so I decided to take him to the job fair area and introduce him to companies. Out of the 6 companies, 4 of them were interested and swiped the badge.

–  Pedro Oliveira, co-Founder


We’re still waiting to see the results but we hope it changes his life forever and he’s able to move to Portugal!

The workshops also left a positive mark. Xavier Lavayssière, currently working on several startup projects related to blockchain and legaltech, was one of our guests. Using the blockchain network Ethereum and its tooling, he taught the basics of developing a simple smart contract in solidity and deploy it.

(…) the team from a job marketplace startup managed to combine a job fair with a fun and geeky experience. International speakers such as Buffer’s CEO, a 24h hackathon, VR experiments, Nintendo switch, workshops, and awesome boat parties.

–  Xavier Lavayssière (check the full article here)

During the festival, our co-Founder was one of twelve expert giving 1 on 1 and group sessions to attendees.

We had 4 workshops during the Landing-careers-festival. These were given by career and blockchain professionals.


4. 24h to rule them all

For the second year in a row, we partnered with Redlight and created a 24h hackathon. This year, Sky joined and sponsored the hackathon with 6K€ in prizes!

The teams of 4 people had to go through 5 challenges and only four teams would take home the prize.

We watched amazed while attendees brought their own monitors. It was a full-house with 100 people and we even had to get more space to accommodate everyone! The best part is that the sponsors were motivated to interact with all of the teams and even acted as their mentors.

In the end, it might have been 24h of coding but all of the participants had a smile on their face. They talked among each other, shared experiences and learned from everyone present.

Announcement of the Hackathon winners.


5. Party. From beginning to end.

One thing you can say about team is that we’re hard workers who know how to party.

On June 1st we decided to welcome all companies and speakers by throwing a house party at our Headquarters. It was a time to bond and have the opportunity to know all the amazing people coming to the festival but also the companies who we’re used to working with.

It was just an informal get together with drinks, cool people and a rooftop.

Because we wanted you to have fun as well, we invited Licor Beirão to join us at the Pavilion of Portugal and prepare awesome cocktails.

Licor Beirão was one of our sponsors and were preparing cocktails during the festival.


To top it all off, we had the most epic boat party! We were able to gather attendees, companies, speakers, our entire team and even a unicorn piñata full of candy! What better way to talk to everyone you were wanting to meet? I even heard there were some crazies dancing like there was no tomorrow…Ok, it was us. team saying goodbye to another awesome Festival.

On the festival's last day, we had a boat party. It was a trip around the Tagus river with free drinks, a private dj and cool people.

We had a piñata full of candy on the boat party. Only at Festival.


These were an intensive couple of months but we did it all for you! Thank you so much for all your feedback and mainly for being a part of Festival. It’s as much yours as it is ours.

We’re already preparing next year’s edition and all I can say is there’ll be a lot of surprises! Pre-register now and save your seat.

Stay updated by following us on Facebook, Twitter and our amazing community on Slack.


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