Application. Assessment. Interview. Do those words bring you good memories or the chills? Finding the right employee for your company or the right company for your career is not an easy task. Candidates and recruiters agree that a good hiring process makes all the difference on the long-term, either for the employee satisfaction and motivation or for the corporate strategy.

To find out how the hiring process can be more efficient and – why not? – smooth and fun for the employer and the candidate, we talked to Bruno Farinha, one of the founders and CEO of Petable, winner of the Landing.Awards forBest Experience for Candidates”.

For the ones who might not know this, Petable is a digital pet health care solution for pet owners, focusing on preventive medicine. It was created two and half years ago, in Portugal, by a team of veterinarians. The company already owns 20% of the Portuguese market in terms of veterinarian clinics and it has close to 50.000 users on their mobile app! They expanded to the  United States, Brazil, Spain and France, with plans to spread all over Europe. This success only endorses the amazingly talented team they have working with them.



Ready for some hiring practices inspiration? Take a look at Bruno’s tips in our third edition of Landing.talks Series.


Show your interest

Since most of Petable’s founding team is not from the tech field, they rely on recruiting platforms (like to help them screen the candidates’ tech skills.

During the hiring process, they focus on soft skills and cultural fit, giving a lot of value to people who have looked at what they do and that already come with ideas and suggestions. That gives them a preview of what that person can do once inside the company. So, if you’re looking to apply to their team, research the company and understand how you can be an asset to them.

We’re still a relatively small team, nine people right now. By being a small team, we need everybody to be a team player and to be part of where we’re going. So a candidate that comes to us and says, ‘I’ve already downloaded your app, I’ve already been through your website, here are some ideas of some things that you could be doing’, he or she scores big with us”, advises Bruno.


Be transparent

As you might know, both candidates and employers value transparency and, at Petable, they let you know what’s expected of you, how you can grow inside the company, and what your role is really going to be. And the most important part: they talk about the road the company’s taking in the short and long terms.

We try to ask candidates if they’re interviewing for other places, and we try to do that not because we want basically to do some kind of competition, not at all. The thing is: have your mindset in what you want to be doing and don’t go to interviews that you go like: ‘oh, let’s try out’. Don’t do that. The employer will see straight off the bat”, tells Bruno.


Don’t be afraid of asking

For Bruno, candidates should, at least, be aware of what the company’s doing and how they can fit into it: “One really important question that most candidates don’t ask and that we really value when someone does is: ok if I start tomorrow, what will I be doing? What will I be working on? That gives us a mindset of ok, this guy wants just to roll up his leaves and get straight to work”.


Stand out from the crowd

The interview is an opportunity for the candidate to differentiate from people who’re in the same process, with the same hard skills and probably the same experience. “Don’t just tell potential employers what they want to hear, tell what you’re really thinking. Probably some of them won’t like what you say, but for the ones who like what you say, you pretty much nailed the interview”.


Amazing insights Bruno! Thank you.

The best part is all these pieces of advice can and should be applied to every single company you apply to or are a part of. The recruiting process doesn’t have to be a pain. It should be a smooth and transparent process to all parts involved.

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