$ Wake up, Neo…
$ The Matrix has you…

As a kid in junior high, that spent way too much time playing computer games, The Matrix was definitely one of the movies that I would watch over and over again. I loved the fact that a movie could challenge so much of my assumptions and give me a glimpse of a completely different perspective of the world. That’s precisely our goal with the Red Pill or Blue Pill series: help you see the world and your career in a brand new way.

$ Remember: all we’re offering is the truth. Nothing more.

What we’re trying to achieve with this is a shift, the same kind of shift that happens for Neo when he goes from being in this sort of cocooned and programmed world to have to participate in the construction of meaning to his life. And we’re like, “Well, can we build an engaging journey that could help our tech professionals experience something similar while helping them better manage their careers?”

That’s one of the reasons why we rebranded this year’s Landing.careers Festival, and why we’re also aligning our brand and vision to build a Landing.jobs that could help you find out just how deep the rabbit hole goes!

Choice. Whether it’s obvious by now or not, let’s just get it out in the open: the main theme behind The Matrix’s Red Pill vs Blue Pill construct is choice. It’s that simple and yet that powerful. For the story to flow, Neo needs to understand that everything he needs to unlock his full potential, lies already inside of him. Just like you, he just needs to choose to believe in himself, to see the world with his own eyes, and with his own rules. That’s just what we want to show you!

Follow our posts in the next few weeks for a self-discovery journey that, hopefully, will open your eyes to the new reality of the tech jobs marketplace and prepare you for the challenges of a career in tech.


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