For 2 years, we called our main event Festival. This event spawned in 2015 as a way for us to push our new brand into the wild (we were previously, to spend some quality time with our community, and to send a sardine into space. Festival 2016 Festival 2016’s brand


We were surprised when so many people came to us asking for the Festival to become a yearly fixture. We knew we had fun but what we didn’t know was how many people left the place with new friends, new connections, and new jobs! What was initially thought as a celebration and a fun get together for our community had become a place where professional value was being added to everyone’s lives.

So we did it again in 2016. Passionate as we are about placing the right person in the right job at the right time, we’re quite young in this event organisation business. But we powered on: we made a job fair with boats, some light entertainment, cool talks from our community friends, and a drone race. And this time we went with the perspective to learn.

landing-jobs-festival-2016 Festival 2016’s Check-in

Armed with a sleigh of surveys, we gathered information from everyone who stepped foot in our event. Attendees, speakers, companies, press, our teams, and even the catering companies! We wanted, or better, we needed to know exactly what made the festival great, what were the expectations, if we’d met them, if it was useful, if it added value, if there was too much, too little, if it represented the standard that we so highly set for ourselves. And we took it to heart.


At, we’ve always been about making tech recruitment a pleasant experience for everyone. We refuse the notion that people, and tech professionals, in particular, should be just a number in a sheet. We wake up every day poised to help tech professionals land the best job for their standards and expectations.

And the Festival is no different. So we decided to align the brand and operations of the Festival a lot more closely to the way we do things in the office. Looking at all the data we collected from last year’s edition, we set out to answer the question: “What would make this Festival a candidate-driven one?”.

We’ll give it to you bluntly: the biggest problem we could find for tech professionals in Europe is the lack of long-term strategy for their careers. The answer to the question of what are the ambitions and then the planning of each step required to get there.

To date, 25704 candidates have passed through our hands resulting in a total of 42594 individual job applications that have been individually reviewed. Consistently we find that tech professionals aren’t spending as much time thinking about the journey as a whole as they do thinking about the next step.

We want to change this. How? By raising awareness to the necessity of thinking strategically about professional ambitions, by fostering exposure to people who have done it and have stories to tell, by acting as the host in spaces that empower people to talk to each other and generate strong networks. These are our ambitions for the Festival, and this is why we changed its brand: as a reminder that we’re here to help you blueprint your career. Festival logo Festival 2017’s new brand

Now all of this sounded very serious! Sure, for us this is serious. It’s our bread and butter, it’s what allows us to be profitable, to grow, and to continue helping tech professionals with their careers. But we’re also and we believe in the bluntness of doing all of this in a way that’s also fun. Life’s not worth living if it’s not happy and enjoyable.

So we came up with three tracks. These tracks represent the three things that us here in the office and our audience enjoy the most. Looking into the future, discussing all things tech, and developing careers. Future, Tech, Careers. Dead simple.

We built upon this by reviewing your suggestions of speakers and companies (from last year’s surveys, remember those?) to invite to the Festival. The requirement was that we want to hear and showcase real stories in their subjects of expertise. To open ours and the audience’s mind in one of the proposed 3 topics. So we’ll be hearing about virtual reality, digital Identity and data governance, privacy and democracy in our Future track. We’ll be hearing about artificial intelligence, robotics and SRE in our Tech track. We’ll be hearing about remote work, diversity and inclusion, and values and tech cultures in our Career track. Festival speakers


With the talks nailed down, we went on to plan everything else that would make this into a true Festival, all with the focus of creating an event that is both fun and useful. So in parallel with the talks, we’ll have 2 other big staples creating the core of the Festival:

  • The Job Fair: carefully curated, filled to the brim with actual techies for you to meet. These are also our sponsors, the companies that make the entire festival possible and are very keen to meet tech talent. Check out who they are, make sure you go and meet the ones that pique your interest. Remember, we’re not thinking about just the next job but in creating networks of people with similar interests and goals.
  • The Hackathon: 24 hours of coding, 6k euros in cash prizes, food, drinks, and nap space included. You also get to spend the night in the Pavilion of Portugal which we think is nothing short of awesome. Organised by us, RedLight Software and Sky Portugal. Filled to the brim with surprises, workshops, yoga, snacks, coffee, and code. Lots of code.


Now that we had the talks, the hackathon and the job fair planned, all we needed was to look at what everyone was looking for as extras to the festival and create moments that would fill those needs. We defined 4 more moments:

  • Expert & Career sessions: we’re hosting a full array of sessions, people who’ve been doing it personally or professionally for a while, to have private, 1-on-1 chats with all our tech professionals that might need some closer mentoring/coaching.
  • Workshops: for everyone who’s a bit more hands on and wishes to learn new competencies for their career.
  • Boat trips: because it’s a staple of the Festival, a household thing to do. It also opens up opportunities for you to mingle and network in the most casual and chilled environment we could think of.
  • Fun and games: the whole space will be peppered with activities for you to explore. From arcade games to Virtual Reality goggles, to the speakers’ area, chill lounges for some resting, food and drink stations with plenty of coffee, open networking spaces, and so much more.


Phew, this was quite a long post. I hope it was a handy guide on what went through our minds in the process of creating this year’s Festival. We’re all very excited to be able to be a part of an event as big as this one and we can’t wait for the 2nd and 3rd of June to come. Festival


Now, back to the initial question: why did we decide to rebrand the Festival? We did more than just a rebrand: we reengineered its core to better align with our vision for and for what could potentially be a standalone brand focused on helping tech professionals with their careers. And as I mentioned before: we want to be able to help you with more than just the next step, we want to help you with the blueprint to the staircase.


With this, I’ll leave you with one request: register on Festival and update your career. We’ve got your back.


See you in June.
Nuno Veiga
Head of Marketing @

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