Get ready to boost your tech career!

We’re one month away from the Festival and this year we’re aiming for more. Have you heard about what we’re preparing for you? Well, get comfortable. We’re changing the concept of “job fair”. Here are 7 reasons why you cannot miss this year’s Festival.


1. Lisbon, sunny capital of Europe

This year the Festival moves to the Pavilion of Portugal, an architectural landmark of the city. The monumental building was constructed for the World Expo ‘98, as part of the Parque das Nações riverside strip, hub for business and entertainment in the city of Lisbon. Its ample rooms and outdoor areas, with extensive natural light, make it ideal to create a relaxed atmosphere between our companies and attendees.

The perfect setup for real networking to happen and if you’ve never witnessed a sunset over Tagus river, you’re in for a treat. Surrounded by beaches, amazing views, great gastronomy and an awesome culture, Lisbon is the place to go if you’re looking to have a good time.

A free bit of advice: reserve a few days after or before the event to explore the city on foot or on one of Lisbon’s quintessential yellow trams!


2. Meet & greet tech minds and selected companies

Straight to the point: prepare yourself to meet 80 of the coolest companies from all over Europe and to talk face to face with their recruiting and tech teams. Simple as that. It’s a unique chance to learn about their culture and values, to chat about routines and to clear any doubt you might have about your possible future employer.

You can also mingle with other attendees – around 1500 people from all around the world! It’s a great occasion to make real connections and meet your peers.


3. The Talks: listen, engage and discuss with the most wanted speakers

A look into the future of tech? Yes, we got it. You’ll be able to learn everything you can about the future of technology, robotics, blockchain, VR, among other topics.

Aiming for self-improvement and career planning? Yes, we got it too. Prepare to have one conversation at a time with speakers from big, cool companies like Google and Buffer. Oh yes! Joel Gascoigne, Buffer’s co-Founder, and CEO; Tom McAdam, Google’s engineering manager; Aral Balkan,’s Founder are joining the party.

Still not convinced? Check all our amazing speakers here


4. Welcome aboard: network on a boat trip

Imagine yourself, on a boat, cruising the Tagus river, the sun in your face and drink in hand. Isn’t that the perfect environment to talk informally to employers, speakers, and other attendees? No pressure and no business cards. After Festival, you can say you’ve networked offshore. Amazing, huh?


5. Brag about your skills at What the Hack

For the second time, our hackathon “What The Hack” will allow you to showcase all your coding skills to other participants and to Europe’s top companies looking to recruit. And you can also get a cash prize of 6K€. We expect more than 100 developers for our 24h hackathon to create apps that solve real problems.


6. All-you-can-eat buffet of activities

We have activities for all needs and tastes. In our workshops, you can get unique skills in topics as robotics, artificial intelligence, and career management. All in an educative but relaxed setup. If you are more into advice with experts, in our expert sessions you can have intimate conversations with people who can help you put things in perspective, either for personal or technical growth. Bring the questions – we’ll answer them. In our job fair, you’ll have a quick access to the coolest engineering teams around Europe. No peer-pressure, just peers.


7. One event to rule them all Festival will be an epicenter for people interested in technology and its many applications. Even if you’re not looking for a job right now the event is still for you, because at Pavilion of Portugal you’ll get updated on the tech scene, see other perspectives on technology and the future of tech careers. It’s time to give your career an upgrade.


EXTRA: Meet the Landers!

Just one more reason to close the deal. You already know us virtually, but now you’ll get to know the people behind We’re counting the days to a face-to-face meeting! Let’s do this!



Do we need to say more? Festival is on June 2nd and 3rd. Get your free ticket now, before it’s too late!

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