This month we’re introducing monthly themes and we’ll be talking all things salary. This is served with a side of happiness and blitzed with top tips on how to be better at negotiating your worth; to top it off, a Europe-wide “take home salary” calculator. Bon appetit!

Yes, we know, a tough conversation arises. But you know us, we always aim for more; and part of that is helping you land the job you want.

So this year round, we’re going to try something (maybe not so) new: we’re picking a theme each month and develop cool stuff around it. Before we get started, a quick recap: last month we talked about assessing your career and what steps to take to get you working at the place you’ve been aiming for.

“So what about this month?”, you ask. Well with every new year comes the usual Performance Evaluation and we all start asking ourselves:

“Will I get a bonus?”,
Will I get a raise?”,
Should I ask for one?”,
How do I do it?”,

And sometimes even the eternal “Should I start looking for a new job?”. Shivers.

Fear not. This month we decided to go for something lost deep within the land of taboo. We want to give you the necessary tools to understand if you’re making what you’re worth and what you need to negotiate your salary.

Here’s what we have in mind.

Week 2

Show me the salary

Back in 2015, we started the conversation about why some companies disclose the salary upfront and others don’t. You can guess by the subtitle, we’ve called it Show me the salary! and it’s a pretty good explanation why sometimes to disclose or not disclose is similar to a poker game.

This month, we’re updating it and using our data to support why companies should really disclose salaries on job offers and interviews. Free the salaries!
You can read it all here.


Week 3

Webinar: Career vs Salary

You may have noticed that we fell in love with webinars, like really really in love. And what better way to kick off 2017 than with a discussion about the importance of one’s salary over a career. Did you ever wonder if you should prioritise the development of your career instead of accomplishing certain salary goals? Get to know all about what our speakers had to say here.


Week 4

Salary Calculator

Next on our list of goodies for you is our very first Salary Calculator! Yeah, I know I wrote it on the subtitle, but we’re really excited about it.

We’re developing a tool inside our platform where you can check how your gross salary translates into what you take home and how much tax you’ll have to pay, based on what country you’re in. Interested already? You can check it here.

Salaries & Happiness

We invited two experts in happiness and joy from London-based tech companies to share with us what their experience in managing people’s happiness at work has been like. We all know that more money doesn’t necessarily mean happier people, but what will real work experiences tell us?


Week 5

Europe Tech Salaries

To help you get on the right track and have a comparison point to calculate your market value, we will dig deep into our tech industry database and show you how much money other tech pros are making. Wondering how much a full-stack developer is earning in Siberia? Or how your years of experience translate into salary? We’ll cover all that. Ok, maybe not Siberia.

Check it out here.


And… That’s all folks!

After all this money talk we hope you’ll feel much more informed about tech salaries and next time you’re faced with the ultimate question “How much do you see yourself making?”, you know exactly what to answer.

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