Last week was the first time took part in Web Summit. And what a week it was!

If you were one of the 50,000 who attended, you saw how it brought so many people together and how many companies were represented along those four days. What you didn’t see, however, was what we did in the weeks leading up to it.

Back in September, @Tiago prepared our first pitch for Road 2 Web Summit, a project promoting and supporting projects that stand out in Portugal. Out of 200, we were one of the 66 Portuguese startups to win the competition and an Alpha Pass at Web Summit!

Everyone in the office eagerly awaited the results, and as soon as the celebration grew to a close, we had to prepare another presentation for PITCH, the startup competition at Web Summit that brings together the world’s leading early-stage startups for a live on-stage battle.


Hilarious Tiago letting us know we were one of the Chosen Ones…


This time, @Diogo was taking the stage, live at Web Summit! By the time he delivered the pitch, everyone at the office probably knew it by heart by how much time he invested in practicing.

Our champ preparing for #websummit 💪

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But it was the entire Sales Team working in the background that made our presence at Web Summit so valuable. This was our strategy:

1. Research, research, research

Certainly not the first time we’ve mentioned research; it’s always the most crucial thing to do.

In our case, the lovely Sales girls, @Ana, @Inês and @Josefine, went through every single speaker and company attending the event, and identified the ones who were worth contacting. The ones they ended up personally contacting could be potential clients or partners.

2. Do the unexpected

So we had all these contacts. Then what?


Embrace your inner Uber drive and send them an e-mail offering a lift from the airport, of course. By doing the unexpected, we’ve built close relationships with the people and companies we approached.


Dermot Williams, Manager Director at Threatscape, eating a bitoque at Portugália & Saha Louis Former football player for Manchester United


All that by going beyond the e-mail, personally introducing ourselves, and giving what we always want to give: a human touch. Sometimes quite literally.

Not on the left one. She bites. #LandingatWebSummit #WebSummit

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On the first day of Web Summit, @Diogo delivered his wonderful pitch. Sadly, we didn’t make it to the next phase, but Stage 2 was packed and @Diogo made us very proud!

On the second day of Web Summit, we had our booth all set up. If you took a step back, you could see red spots everywhere, aka Landers in action!

Our home for the day! #LandingatWebSummit #WebSummit

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3. Always follow up

And finally, this week has been all about following up with everyone we contacted and met during Web Summit, and they’re quite a lot. The infographic below gives you a clear picture of how our effort paid off:


This year’s Web Summit was great for, not just based on the numbers above, but also because it gave us a chance to learn lessons and better prepare for next year’s edition. See you then!

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