Summer is right around the corner. Be grateful for good friends, hot sun and frequent releases!

It’s 35 degrees Celsius outside and the sun burns with fierceless passion. Not that that will ever slow us down. We spent the past few months working hard to be fit for summer, can’t you tell?

2016 started with a major employer release, Captain Kirk, followed closely by Mr. Spock two months later. We decided to focus our first semester a bit more on the employer experience, as we had spent the previous one working hard on the whole redesign of the platform and candidate experience.

This new release brings improvements to the overall experience, integration with ATSs and a brand new InApp messaging tool. Remaining faithful to our film addiction, we’re dubbing this one, “Mitch Buchannon”. We’re also in the saving lives business and in the saving businesses life. We’ll stand our watch, knowing that we’ll help you surf the right tech wave in this ocean of talent.

We’d love to call out some of the bigger features that have rolled out with this release and let you know how you can best take advantage of them!

TL;DR > New Features:

Employer Onboarding

Smoother than ever

Every phase of the onboarding process with a new employer is important, from before they show up at our doors, through their first month, to the successful completion of their first hire. With the goal of helping create successful businesses, incredible teams, and long-lasting relationships, we’ve designed a brand new Sign Up & Post a Job flow that will surely make your life much easier.


No more of those endless boring forms; we now have a guided step-by-step wizard that will make your life much easier. All navigation has been highly simplified, job offers can now be created from existing ones, error messages are much more meaningful, and on top of that, we’re now tracking every step of the process to understand where your pain points may lie.


Should be out by mid-July. Stay tuned!

ATS Integration

One click export

We started working on partnerships a bit more aggressively during this semester. There’s a lot of value to be created from strong, value-adding partnerships. Finally, after a couple of months of hard work, we’re now ready to launch our official integration with Workable and Greenhouse.


For larger companies with an intensive use of an ATS platform, having to deal with lite ATS could get a bit tiresome, especially when they need to copy-paste information from one app to the other. Now imagine doing that for more than 50 job offers! Insane doesn’t even start to cut it.

With our brand new integration with Greenhouse, for instance, it’s possible to synchronise job offers on with their counterparts on Greenhouse, and even receive newly reviewed applications without the need to come to our platform. That’s what we call delivering value, hassle free. Our curators and reviewers just need to review an application and the employer will automatically receive all the information that we have on the candidate and the application directly into their ATS. No more copy-paste.


All the information is synced between both platforms, so that may also track the evolution of the hiring process in order to avoid over-spamming the candidate with notifications that they might already receive from the ATS itself.


We’ll be investing some more of our precious time in similar initiatives, so if you have any suggestions on how to improve these integrations or about any other ATS we should consider partnering with, drop me a line at [email protected].

InApp Messaging

Less talk, more action

One of the major features that we should have released a long time ago and has been requested I don’t know how many times, is the possibility to chat directly with candidates and employers without ever leaving the platform.

In a world of crammed inboxes and more tabs open than we can manage at any given moment in time, we should avoid the overuse of personal email and start conversations within context to engage better and increase the chances of a successful hire; that’s exactly what we should have been doing from the start!


A conversation between an employer and a candidate is, for the time being, always started by the employer. We’ll be evaluating in the next few weeks if it should be more of an open model. After receiving a candidate application, and sending a message to the candidate, they’ll receive a new message in their inbox. In context, messages could be a powerful medium, as they avoid spamming the user in their personal email space, and allow access to all the information about their hiring process.

Scheduling Interviews

Everything in one place

One of the brand new features we’re working on right now is the possibility to schedule interviews directly on the platform. It will take a couple more weeks for this one to see the sunlight, but after some feedback from many of you we decided to go forward with it.

We were definitely missing on some more contact points that could increase engagement and could improve the experience end-to-end. This seemed like the most natural step after the InApp Messaging.

Stay tuned, as we should launch it until the end of the month. Once it’s ready you’ll be able to not only engage with your reviewed candidates, but also book interviews with them directly from the platform.

New Products

The extra mile

Recruiting is far from being a one-size-fits-all kinda business. It’s hard, it’s competitive, it’s tailored to your needs and, more than anything, it needs to be human!

Some of you will need candidates on regular basis as you already have a healthy hiring pipeline. Others will be looking for that unicorn lost in the mist waiting for someone to shout “Expecto Patronum!”. Others are just looking for some help with sourcing, evaluating, or even promoting your brand in a more engaging way.

Regardless of which one best describes you, we’re more than committed to finding the perfect fit for your needs. As such, this semester we’ll be beta testing the following product lines:


Our current product: an end-to-end, digital recruiting agency service where we do all the work for you from sourcing to evaluation until you land and hire your next tech pro. Charged only on success, risk free, and using job offers as promotion channels.

Landing.Vetted Applications

For the more agile ones wanting so bad to find a more suitable alternative than all those providers that deliver you hundreds of raw, unfiltered applications. With Landing.Vetted Applications, you only pay per vetted application, and we’ll make sure you only receive the better matches for your job offer.


If you just want to source candidates, without even going into all the trouble of writing a specific job offer and surf our user base for that unicorn that you’re so desperately looking for, this one is for you. Updated daily with new candidates that are actively looking for companies like yours.

It will be a bumpy and rocky ride, but if you’re interested in being part of the private betas that we’ll release for the Landing.Vetted Applications and Landing.Source, let us know by dropping a line to [email protected] and our Sales Team will clarify all your doubts about these new products and get you on your way to land your next tech pro.

What’s Next

Still brushing the sand off your shoes. What a swim!

After the long post, let me tell you just a bit more about the waters we’ll be sailing:

Yes, we’ll be putting a lot of effort this next semester on candidate experience, but nonetheless we’ll still be focusing on improving:

  • More and better ATS Integrations to make it even easier for you to streamline into your pipeline;
  • More wizards for job creation so that you don’t have to write everything from scratch;
  • Work on new partnerships that could complement your job offer with relocation information, city comparisons, salary expectations, etc.;
  • New products to fit your recruiting needs;
  • And so much more…

Just before we go back to our watch tower, I want to give a big shoutout to the amazing team that’s bringing these great features to you: @moreira @gustavo @mafalda @pdfrod @janfrs. If you like what we’re doing, let ‘em know!

And if you have any comments, thoughts, or feedback on the evolution of our product, I will always reply – [email protected].

Take a dive!

See you in a few weeks.

Head of Product

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