One year ago, was no more.

Back in May 2015, we finally revealed what we had been working on for four months with our friends at With Company and SensesLaba new name to do a better job,

Here’s what we’ve been up to for this past year since we came out of the closet and revealed our more truthful self (whoops, wrong place):

A bigger team

What in 2013 started off with Pedro, our co-founder, alone in one room a little too close to the ladies room, today has no comparison.

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A few people have come and gone in a year (miss you guys!), from 11 different nationalities (from Israel to Poland to Brazil), and right now we’re really close to 30 people, including our remote wonders.

Outgrowing the office. Exhibit B.

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Today, as a serious company (right, Dordio?), we have four main teams:


Whether you’re a candidate looking to land a job or a company looking to hire a great professional, our Product Team makes sure you have a smooth ride.


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Yes, in the middle of so many daily deploys (which I have personally been trying to vocalise whenever I witness one, but they seem to think the Ops’ bell is enough), roadmaps, bug fixings, and last-minute projects from the Marketing team, the guys in the Product room (in between Lisbon and Brazil — we’re looking at you, Jan and Siderlan) keep going strong to make your job hunting and candidate hiring a pleasure.

Operations (aka Ops)

Whenever you receive a call welcoming you to, you’re talking to one of the lovely people at Ops. They spend their busy days creating trusting relationships with the best tech pros and making sure they all get timely feedback from our companies; they’re responsible for hiring the best candidates; managing companies, their job offers and received applications; and, last but not least, making their cowbell heard from four floors below. How we still haven’t been kicked out is beyond me.

Next goal: hire on a mountaintop. #hiringgoals

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Ops is our most internationally-diverse team: the beautiful Cristina from Romania; the bellissima ragazza Giovanna from Italy; the unstoppable Bo from The Netherlands; the laidback Maciek from Poland; and the remote wonder Joan from Spain.

“It’s amazing how we could grow and still keep this amazing team spirit. Having such an international team is a key driver for the success we’re having with our expansion to other European regions. With this A-players team we’re sure we won’t stop here!” shares David, our Head of Operations.

Marketing (aka Marketeam)

The guys who bring you your weekly newsletter, those questionable bird-themed ad banners, and a big chunk of what you see on our social media channels (#engagement). Once the keepers of the Pizza Room, we’ve just switched with the last and final team to refresh our creative brainwaves.

A new room for the Marketeam’s creative brainwaves #branding

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The Marketeam is proud to have such a diverse set of marketing and communication skills. Together they’ve tackled performance marketing, PR, advertising, design, copywriting, you name it — they’ve done it all and will keep on bringing you your daily dose of #branding.

Sales (aka Sales! Sales! Sales!)

Our smallest team (for now) has a Godfather and Pulp Fiction mentality to make sure our candidates land a job at a great company. Yes, that sometimes means sending a few (not-so-)cold emails out into the world and sweet-talking a few employers, but it’s all in the name of having great jobs on our platform.

You don’t eat the Pizza Room; the Pizza Room eats you.

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Our own Mario Tarouca, the first-ever team member of the Sales Team, is amazed by how far they’ve come and how much they’ve grown in the past few months. Nowadays, picking up the phone and dialling is an every day pleasure.

Don’t worry, Mr. President, Mr. Sales will have a job waiting for you in a few years. #AtivarPortugal #Microsoft

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All of these together and combined (from Props to Saling to Prom) keep the company up and running every single day.

A remote co-founder

In May 2015, our co-founder Pedro (warmly referred to as @pcbo) moved to London to expand our business in Her Royal Highness’ homeland.

“It’s not that cold.”

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“Sometimes it’s hard being away from the team, but living in London has given me the chance to better understand how the London tech scene works and how different it is from other parts in the world,” says Pedro.

A new office

In January 2016, we packed our bags and moved out of our parents’ house (aka Startup Lisboa). Our team kept growing; the line for the bathroom started to become unbearable (when we didn’t have to go across the street); there weren’t enough mugs for our tea-loving team; we touched at least two different bodies as soon as we stretched an arm — it was time.


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We moved three metro stops away to Avenida Alexandre Herculano to a huge office.

New office in Lisbon! Avenida Rua Alexandre Herculano N2 4D

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A better product

Meanwhile, our product kept growing and improving thanks to our amazing Product Team.

So much has evolved since we revealed what we first shipped in the new — from the futuristic Marty McFly, to the sexy Miss Jessica Rabbit; from the ambitious Captain Kirk to the unnamed and upcoming release that’s almost out of the oven and will certainly make you feel more at home (wait for it).

We feel so good to know that the people who helped us kick off are proud of how far we’ve come. Our dear Gustavo Pimenta from SensesLab says, “it’s amazing how the team has been improving the product based on the groundwork SensesLab and With Company did to tackle the new challenges they face everyday. I can’t wait for the redesign of the candidates dashboard!”. Awe, shucks.

Our Head of Product, Tiago, only has one thing in mind: to get people great jobs. “One year after, I’m still a kid full of hopes in search of the right way to land you your dream job. People matter! And my morning coffee always tastes better when I can put a smile upon your face.”

A bigger brand awareness

The L is a powerful piece of branding material. It’s everywhere in the office and we spread it everywhere we go.

Co-founder Pedro Oliveira managing the team across Rua Prata.

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In November 2015, we even managed to end up at #1 on Product Hunt — and we stayed there for 24 hours. on Product Hunt

Our Community is also amazing in spreading the L all over the world. We kicked off an Ambassador Programme not that long ago, with amazing people like Malik Piarali, Mindaugas Petrutis and Tiago César Oliveira (our most beloved friend, lover, and partner in crime). You guys are amazing and we’re so grateful to have you representing us out there!

Out of nowhere, even a hashtag popped up: #LandingLove. “gang tattoos”

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A bunch of get-togethers

Starting in January, we’ve been all over Europe in the past few months. We started off with an event in London at WeWork Southbank and were so excited to have a full house.

Full house! #LandingJobsUK

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Next stop was our home turf of Lisbon, where we discussed if the city would become Europe’s new tech capital thanks to being Web Summit’s new home, and thanks to the great startup community we’re lucky to belong to.

In March, Gonçalo and Pedro packed a weekend bag and headed over to Berlin to discuss who Berlin tech startups are looking to hire.

And just last month, we had our latest couple of events. First, in Rome, organised by the lovely Gío and hosted by our own David, Head of Operations.

Last but not least, Typeform hosted us at their Barcelona office.

But nothing will equal what’s happening in two weeks’ time…

A huge event

Last year, we hosted 600 candidates and 30 companies at the Festival — and we launched a sardine into space.

The launch

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This year, we’re getting ready for our promised second edition of the Festival, to which you can register to apply right here. As we’ve said before, this year everything will double: more tech pros, more companies, more jobs, and a great time!

And much more

We brought over four great tech pros from Brazil, two of whom have been hired and are moving to Lisbon; we created the Scholarship and rewarded Rodrigo Oliveira with a one-year scholarship; and much more!

Group video call to a winner of our Brazilian “Copa” campaign.

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It’s been a crazy road so far, especially for me, having been on the side of the new brand’s creation. And it is, in fact, a great feeling to see how this brand has been embraced, shared, and loved by so many people in the past year.

Please excuse some of the private jokes and terms that I’ve shamelessly added throughout the post (#Zucchini), but this is who we are — a bunch of noisy people who are passionate about getting tech pros to land great jobs, who eat way too many Natas, and have fun along the way.

Jump behind the scenes on our Instagram to know what our second year of will look like. Here’s to everyone who’s been down the road with us. Cheers! 🍻

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